Saturday, June 18, 2011

hangin' on...

I know that life is starting to feel normal again when I start taking photos again; and not just photos of the babe. 

I saw this snail and was wondered how it had gotten itself in this situation - hanging by a seed of grass. Amazing. 

I guess I feel a little like my slimy friend: How did I get here in this uncertain place?

In my limited life experience I have never felt to humbled as I do now as a mother to a young baby. 

Deep inside I know that I have eveything that it takes to be a good mama in me; a gift passed on from my own mum.

But I am still just so... amazed.

Love Always,
Joan Blondina

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RGB said...

Our path will always lead us in the direction towards challenges that help us grow in strength and awareness of our greater selves - you are a beautiful woman- partner, mother, daughter, friend - in this current moment in time you are showing yourself, learning just how strong and amazing you truly are!