Sunday, January 2, 2011

may the new year bring... peace. contentment. adventure. 

In years past the sleepy time between boxing day and new years eve has been a low time for me. I can often be found weepy on the couch for some unexplainable reason. I presume it has a lot to do with the knowledge that within the next few days all of the beauty of Christmas will be packed away for next year, and we will be left with a cold, lifeless winter until spring comes who-knows-when. Depressing to think about, I know. But this year I realized that New Years Day had come and gone and not once did I have that sick feeling in my stomach about the months to come. Probably, and I am just guessing here, because we have an early spring gift on the way. The stork will be delivering our little spring chick no later than early March! How can I feel depressed about that? It's amazing how much this little one has changed me and he doesn't even know it. He has no idea what we have in store for his little life. Until his time to see the world and all it's beauty, I take comfort in knowing that while he lives in my belly he is the most cozy and safe he will ever be.

 "Rest up little guy while you can. It's a beautiful world and I want to show you everything!"

Happy New Year!

New Years Eve 2010

Love Always
Joan Blondina