Sunday, January 1, 2012

every day, in every way, it's getting better and better...

With the approaching change in our calendar year, I feel compelled to write something; to somehow explain how beautiful life is where I am; to articulate how true and how real many of those tear-jerking John Lennon songs have become to me (Imagine, Let it be, Beautiful Boy...). It's no secret that I had a rocky start to the first quarter (or two thirds?) of 2011. Despite the birth of a perfect and healthy son, it took a while for me to figure myself out after all was said and done. I guess it's fair to say that I am no good with chaos, and as much as I see myself and a spontaneous and adventurous person I also need calm, especially at home. So when a notably 'spirited' baby boy was plunked into my arms I was totally thrown off. But I don't want to spend too much energy thinking about that part of my year today. Today I want to celebrate everything that is good in my life!

As cliche as it may sound, my life has exploded with joy and purpose because of Jeremy. Jeremy will never know how much he means to me. He came at a time when I honestly felt like I had life figured out. Easy-peasy. These days I am even more challenged to live my life with intention, because each decision I make affects my family. Simple choices, like what kind of music to listen to while cleaning the house matters to me. We chose with intention when it comes to what kind of toys we have (or don't have) in the house, the way we dress Jeremy, the things we do together as a family, the food we eat (and don't eat) and where we sleep. And each and every day when I see my little bub already turning out to be a marvelous child I am thankful that I had the stregnth to trust my intuition about what kind of family life I want to have.

Life here is rich. The three of us are a bunch of hams, making up silly songs all day and dancing around. We have a cute little home in an alright-for-now neighborhood. Life is also (mostly) peaceful. When people comment oh how happy, calm and good natured Jeremy is, my heard does a little jig because that has always been my wish for him.  I can't imagine what the year(s) ahead will bring.

Eternally grateful for the blessings I have,
Joan Blondina