Saturday, November 20, 2010

there's more than one way to make a baby...

I knit this little guy up for our little guy. At 6 months, I suspect this is about how big he is right now. I have made a few toys before, but this one is by far my biggest accomplishment. All those body parts to sew together made it feel like dolly surgery. It was knit with organic cotton, and feels so soft and squishy! I am super happy with how he turned out.

With the leftover yarn I had, I knit up a little hat and a puppy-dog. Cute!

Baby knitting aside, the knitting gifts continues as I have Christmas on the way. But, I can't promise that there wont be a whole ton of knit toys in this baby's future!

Love Always,
Joan Blondina

the question of the year...and an update

Is it a boy or a girl? If you don't already know by now... were having a little BOY!

Here are some photos from the day we found out. What a day!

our little one on screen

I'm a boy!!!

And boy, oh boy, is he a boy! ;) I saw with my own two eyes!

We weren't sure if we wanted to know the sex. We would have been happy not knowing... but come on! We just want to know everything we can about our little beeb, and until we meet him our knowledge is limited. We were just TOO CURIOUS not to find out. 

We did get a lot of 'boy' predictions, based on 'old wifes tales' like the speed of his heartbeat, my lack of morning sickness, and how long it took me to really look pregnant. 

Immediately after the ultrasound I hightailed it to the mall for some little outfits. Did you know how cute the baby clothes are at H&M? I can shop for the both of us in one go. Amazing! And for anyone who is interested, H&M has been my favorite place to buy clothes to fit my growing body. I just buy the biggest size they have and I can grow right into it. 

Since last writing, a lot of adjustments have been made. We are all moved out of our apartment, and all moved in to our transitional space. Things are going well, and we are eagerly awaiting everything that is ahead of us. 

packing up and feeling HUGE!

our (secret) little mark made on this home
Moving on and forward. Life is good, and we are so blessed to have support and love around us!

Love Always, 
Joan Blondina