Wednesday, July 27, 2011

what I'm wearing...

It's been a frustrating morning. I just want to get the laundry in the wash. I would love to spend more than two seconds on my hair. I need to eat something that is not a half-box of crackers...

I go to put baby down for one minute to pour myself a glass of water (remember when 8 glasses a day was a reasonable feat?) only to realize that baby does not care if his mama is thirsty. He needs me and he needs me NOW.

My inner dialogue starts off on a rant: how breastfeeding mothers need to stay hydrated... how did I, soft spoken and easy going, get such a vocal baby... is water too much to ask for...what the hell are those other mothers doing to get their baby to sit in those stupid bucket car seats all damn day long...

Before I get too carried away, I stop.

I do what feels instinctual. 

I take my wrap and, like second nature, start methodically wrapping baby up, tight against my chest. As I start the process of tucking and tying, baby resists. I bounce a little and reassure him. He melts. Head resting on my chest. Legs like little cooked linguini noodles. Soft breathing. By the time I tuck his little head in and pat his back a few times he's asleep.

I drink my water.

One thing I believe about babies is that you want them to cry.... how else do you know that they need something? There is a reason that a babies cry is shrill and loud: so we never leave them. It's survival. Baby-wearing is the perfect way to honour every baby's need to be close to it's parents. 

Using slings and wraps is not just a trendy granola mom thing to do to fit in with the AP moms and dads. It's a mutually beneficial way to go about your day peacefully and joyfully. It's convenient. It's fun. It has many social, physiological, emotional and developmental benefits for babies, and helps parents bond (the feelings a parents has toward their baby) and facilitate strong attachment (the feelings a baby has toward a parent). Babies get to experience the world and are appropriately stimulated when being worn (properly) in a carrier. 

Wearing Jeremy also means that he is as much a part of this world as I am. When I walk through the market he walks through the market as well, smells, sees and hears what I do. When I wear him he interacts with the people we pass and they interact with him. And when he's such a part of my world I can talk to him about what were doing. His brain is always learning. 

Jeremy sleeps, eats and explores the world from the safety of my body and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Love Always,
Joan Blondina

confessions of an introvert...

This makes me smile. 
I wrote it a little over a year ago at a time when I was spending a lot of energy "being cool". Enjoy!

April 2010

I have this feeling that I want to "un-invent" myself. Forget about what I think I should be like and rediscover who I really am. A flower-in-her-hair-peace-loving-flip-flop-wearing-homebody-who-loves-crafting-and-tea-on-a-Saturday-night.

Yes, that about sums me up! :)

Love Always,
Joan Blondina