Wednesday, February 2, 2011

i can be found in lalaland...

...dreaming about dreams that someday will come true.

I have had the same dream for a while now. Ideas have been brewing in my head on and off. I have moments of obsessing about it's fruition, and longer moments of 'oh, I give up!'. I forgive myself because sometimes dreams happen on a time-line other than the one you would expect.

I dream about having a business on the side that revolves around creativity and inspiration; getting inspiration from the world around me; inspiring others to reach their creative potential.

This business has had several hypothetical business names and products. I have dreamed up various etsy shops and product tags and clientele.

Right now I am asking the universe to show me the next step in making this dream of mine real. I may have made some headway, thanks to a very inspirational person who has come into my life! But I put no pressure on anything. I want this to happen organically.

I don't know exactly what this dream will look like, but I suspect I'll know when the dream has come true.

Love Always,
Joan Blondina