Saturday, March 19, 2011

for every hard day...

there is a beautifully blissful one. Yes, some days are extremely hard with a newborn child. When my little guy wants to nurse for 3 hours straight, cries in pain from a fully belly, and refuses to sleep unless being constantly rocked, normalcy seems impossible. But for every momma tear I shed there is an equally beautiful moment just waiting for me, as long as I trust that it will come. I am so incredibly lucky to have help and support and love from my family and friends. And truly, I am so blessed to have been given this little boy; my new little adventurer and partner in crime. We have a lot of living to look forward to! Here are some photos of some of our adventures so far...

"Ma, I HATE this thing!"

"my first stroller ride"

"love being in my carriers"

"so embarrassing..."

"i wanna go on an adventure!"

"ready for my track meet ma!"

"what is up with this strange world?"

"so eager to be a big boy and sit up on my own!"

"ma, this milk is a-ok!
 Love Always,
Joan Blondina

Friday, March 18, 2011

setteling in....

The reality of life as a mama is setting in fiercely. I am sitting here typing with one hand, holding king Jeremy with the other, taking care not to stop rocking rocking rocking or humming humming humming the hypnotic whale sound I have adopted to help this babe fall asleep after a feast.

Motherhood smells like breast milk and baby pee. It sounds like lullabies and newborn crys. It looks like messy ponytails and dimpled fingers. Motherhood forces me to find the beauty in this new child; otherwise thoughts like "will I ever go to a yoga class again?" and "when will I not have breast milk stains on my shirt?" and "will I ever eat a leisurely meal again?" start to creep in...

Currently amongst the fog of labour, birth and having new baby I am striving to make sense of it all. 

Bear with me as I unpack this beautiful miracle...

Love Always,
Joan Blondina