Wednesday, September 15, 2010

feeling crafty once again...

... and finally inspired!

I am sad and ashamed and shocked to admit that I am secretly relieved that summer is over. Please, no throwing rotten tomatoes! Hear me out! This summer was hot and stale; made even more hot and stale by my super life-giving, blood-pumping, hormonal body. And I was tiiired in a way that I can't properly describe. Not the kind of tired that you get after a long, hard day of work or an all-nighter party. The kind of tired you would get (I can only imagine) from running a marathon up a hill carrying a 40lb backpack and then building a house and then on the way home weeding everyones front lawn. Except that nothing like that has been accomplished. Although it is a pretty big deal to grow a whole new organ, and to prioritize the nutritional needs of a new life. While I have absolutely no reservations about sharing my body with this child, I did observe my lack of interest in much else. I didn't do much cleaning or cooking or yoga and barely any crafting, considering that I typically have 10 little projects on the go. But, as the seasons change so does my spirit. I am feeling revived and much more comfortable and ready to participate in the world again!

Here are some crafty ideas that I have up my sleeve, thanks to the many inspiring women out there in this big world of ours:

These are button cookies, and the instructions can be found here! They are absolutely adorable and although I don't bake I can't imagine that they are very difficult.

I don't read the newspaper (I just don't get media's idea of 'news') but I know where I can get my hands on some. These are a cute little way to give gifts, and the instructions are here. I can imagine lots of other creative materials to use...

Why didn't I think of this? It's a picture frame made into a dry erase board with the use of some pretty fabric! You are welcome for providing you with an easy and impressive handmade birthday/mother's day/Christmas/any day gift. Here is how you make it. Handmade could not be easier.

Finally, I don't remember where I got this photo from, so I can't source it, but it inspires me to make some hair pieces in fall colours. This summer I learned how to make fabric flowers (thank you Internet) and it's a really simple and relaxing process.

Hopefully I continue to stay inspired! I welcome some cheering on from anyone who reads this! Soon I will photograph and post some more knitting/crochet that I have been working on. And something tells me there will be some pregnancy related posts on their way...

P.S. You have seen the extent of my blog-design skills. If anyone out there wants to volunteer to make it prettier I would be glad to accept the offer. I might even make you some button cookies!

Love Always
Joan Blondina